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Garbage, Pandewaff, Wigan Slappy, Smoking Bishop, Yrchins, Omnibus Pudding, Lasagne, Bastard Gravy, Nadger's Pie, Scouse, Dumpsie Dearie, Marmite, Dairylea, Bath Olivers, Cornflake Cakes, Twiglets, Water-gruel, Whitley GooseWitherslacks, Wow-wow sauce, Tyssan, Beef Growler, Ben-Joltram, Bryndons, Bubble and Squeak, Suffolk Swimmers, Tuff-Taffity Cream, Groaty Dick, Fast, Entrayle, Stone Cream, Eringo, Eton Mess, Exeter Dick, Lumber Pie, Fackle, Faggots, Fairy Butter, Farsure, Farts, Fash, Fidget Pie, Figgie Hobbin, Figgie-dowdie, Black-Eyed Susan, Ugley Duckling, Wet Nelly, Plum Jerkum, Mucky Mouth Pie, Loblolly, Lamb's Tail Pie, Dunmow Flitch, Brighton Buttons, Bull's Eyes, Moggies, Wallfish, Stingo, Stiffkey Blue, Rumpy, Fag Pie, Spotted Dick, Lardy Cake

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