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The Lost Foods of England

The great big, great-grandmother of all cookbooks. English food as it once was, from Growlers and Wet Nelly to Marmite and Plum Jerkum. The foods we've lost and forgot, with more than one thousand original receipts to make them. Available in print or as an e-book.
ISBN: 9780244029630

The Very Surprising History of Fish and Chips:
How refugees, revolution and railways made The British Classic

It's entirely about Fish and Chips. In the course of which it's also about the Bar-Kokhba revolt of 136AD, the potato-related causes of the French Revolution, a Durham coal-owner's predilection for Hannahs, the British Camel Corps, the GrÝmsv÷tn Volcano, George Washington, the fighting Belgian of Dundee and the execution of Queen Elizabeth's doctor. You will not be bored.

ISBN: 9781471631658

The Lost Feast of Christmas
Food historian Glyn Hughes rediscovers the Old English Christmas, and the Older English Yule. Here are Kings and Puritans, Yule Babies, Christmas Pottage, Queen Victoria's mincemeat recipe, Christmas Cheese and Salmagundi. Here is Durham Fluffin, Pepper Cake, the shape for mince pies and nearly one hundred actual, original, dishes gleaned from from half-a-thousand years of English cookery books. Here you can rediscover the Spirit of Christmas Past and, I hope, make it part of Christmas yet to come. (You're excused putting tripe in the mincemeat, but if you really want to, you'll find the 1764 recipe here) Buy direct and save 15%

ISBN: 9781326777555

The Forme of Cury

Receipts from the Master Cooks of King Richard II, rendered into Modern English by Glyn Hughes.
Not only lasagna, macaroni, bacon and beans, rice pudding and scrambled eggs on toast, but also porpoise, fake hedgehogs, deer broth and novelty edible flower-pots.
In this, the first new edition since 1780, food historian Glyn Hughes has made this 'first English cookbook' sufficiently lively and readable that you might even want to try Leeks with Offal for yourself.
Produced in conjunction with the University of Manchester John Rylands Library. Buy direct and save 15%

ISBN: 9781326768713

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