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Mothering Buns

Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset

Circular, slightly enriched, bread buns c4ins round, 11/2ins thick, with white sugar icing strewn with hundreds-and-thousands.

A Bristol speciality, made for the Saturday before Mothering Sunday, possibly originating from a form similar to the 1769 receipt for Celebration Cakes from nearby Bath.

Mothering Buns
Image: www.joesbakery.co.uk

'Traditional Foods of Britain' by Laura Mason and Catherine Brown (Mason+Brown 2004) reports that production is; "estimated to be over 25,000 per annum; all the bakers in Bristol make these, only on the Sunday before Mothering Sunday."

Andrea Broomfield's 2007 'Food and Cooking in Victorian England': A History, has; "In Bristol Mothering Sunday was commemorated with Mothering Buns as well as cakes. These small, fairly plain yeast rolls were topped with the much-appreciated caraway or aniseed comfits (candies) that also flavoured bath buns and seed cake."

From the poem 'For Mothering!' from The Verse-Book of a Homely Woman', By Fay Inchfawn (Elizabeth Rebecca Ward);

Then down to Farmer Westacott's, there's doings fine and grand,
Because young Jake is coming home from sea, you understand.
Put into port but yesternight, and when he steps ashore,
'Tis coming home the laddie is, to Somerset once more.
And so her's baking spicy cakes, and stirring raisins in,
To welcome of her only chick, who's coming Mothering.

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