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      The Foods of England

"Cooking in England, when well done, is superior to that of any other country in the world."
Louis Eustache Ude 'Le Cuisinier français'


On the way to finding the story behind every single traditional English food ... 3,355 dishes listed - more than 2,110 with the original receipt - 60 Major cookbooks online totalling more than 4 million words - Food Events for every month of the year, and ...

... and the great Brown Windsor Soup controversy.
Afternoon Tea, Digestive Biscuits, Earl Grey Tea

Todays' Specials ...

The English tradition of Piquant Table Sauces is quite unique. And Worcester isn't, by any means, the only one. Start with Yorkshire Relish
Did the Puritans really ban mince Pies? Probably not...
Roast Badger, and the Ilchester Badger Feast.
Which came first, Curry Shop or Fish-and-Chips?
What did Captain Scott take with him to eat?
When did we last eat horse in England?
Beef Wellington - thoroughly English and completely Victorian? Or French, named in America after an Irishman in the 1920's?
Scotch Eggs - a tale of disinfectant.
Which is the real thing? Abernethy Biscuits or Digestive Biscuits?
Was Sally Lunn a Huguenot Maid, or just a spelling mistake?
Simnel Cake, is it from Bury or Shrewsbury or Devizes?
Everything you ever wanted to know about Thieves' Vinegar

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Know anything about... Earl Grey Tea - Jelly Babies - Churdle - Shropshire Sauce - Collop Cake - Cumberland Pie - Dorset Dumplings - the origin of Pan Haggerty or Panhaggerty Apple Hearthbread - Asparagus Tartlets - Autumn Pudding - Baked Gammon in Cider - Banana and Date Tea Loaf - Barkham Blue Cheese - Bedfordshire Spare Ribs - Beef with Chestnuts - Beenleigh Blue - Bexhill Cheese - Birstall Buns - Bitter Lemon Jelly - Bobbies' Feet - Boiled Bacon and Cider Sauce - Boiled Pickled Pork - Brixham Soup - Broccoli and Apple Soup - Broil Sauce - Buckingham Cakes - Buckinghamshire Baste - Buck's Fizz - Butter Tarts - Butter Toffee - Buxton Blue - Carolina Cheese - Carrot and Apple Soup - Cauliflower and Potato - Celery and Cream Cheese Soup - Celery and Potato Stew - Champ - Cheese and Onion Bread - Cheese Gypsy Bread - Cherry and Almond Cake - Chestnut and Apple Soup - Chestnut and Bacon Stuffing - Chichester Pudding - Chicken and Fruit Pot - Chicken Biscuit Pudding - Chocolate and Orange Cake - Christmas Log - Cider Gravy - Cider Sauce - Cider Toddy - Cidered Haddock - Cinnamon Apple Tart - Cod in Butter Sauce - Colonel Plomer's Pea Soup - Coltsfoot Rock - Coverdale Cheese - Cowheel in Green Sauce - Crab in Cream Sauce - Cranbrook Pie - Cream Darioles - Cream of Broccoli Soup - Cream Slice - Cree'd Wheat - Crown Pie - Crystallised Chestnuts - Currant and Port Jelly - Curworthy Cheese - Custard Cakes - Derbyshire Stuffed Onions - Dorset Blue Cheese - Dorstone Cheese - Dovedale Cheese - Durham Buckwheat Cakes - East Riding Pudding - Eden Pudding - Eel with Cider - Elderberry Tart - Elderflower Fritters - Ely Milk Cheese - Exeter Dick - Fried Fish in Crumb - Marygold Tea - Mulligatawny Stew - Mushroom Sauce - Mutton and Raisin Pie - Mutton with Celery - Pickled Green Figs - Rhubarb Pie


You can now search dozens of cookbooks from the 1300's to Escoffier and Mrs.B!

Lammy Pie - Chiddingly Hot Pot - Nottingham Batter Pudding - Black Forest Gateau (oh yes) - Oxford John Steaks - Fag-Pie - Stargazy Pie - Christmas Pudding - Panjotheram - Leek Pudding - The mystery of Hindle Wakes (probably) solved - Toad-in-a-hole Biscuits - Nesselrode Pudding - Lord John Russell's Pudding - Tonbridge Cakes - Hampshire Roll - Westhoughton Pasties - Cressing Biscuits - Critten Pie

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Thanks to Emmet's for the superb pictures of Suffolk Ham and Devils on Horseback, to for supplying the photos for Lincolnshire Haslet and Chine, to Wrights Flour for the bakery photos like Devon Splits and to the family of the late Joseph Appleyard for the illustration for "Michaelmas Hiring Fair"

And congrats to Newmarket Sausages on their enhaced status, and to sausage rivals Musks and Powters for both sending us pictures.

Here's Pandewaff, the Wigan Slappy and the Omnibus Pudding. Here is the strange origin of Lasagne, Bastard Gravy, Nadgers Pie, Scouse and Dumpsie Dearie. Hundreds upon hundreds of wonderful, tasty, dishes made for centuries, like Chine or Hindle Wakes, but still unknown beyond their own county or village, and here, too, Marmite, Dairylea, Bath Olivers, Cornflake Cakes and the Twiglet.

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