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Cheese Ceremony at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, 1959
Image: http://www.milk.co.uk

Banbury Cheese, Barkham Blue Cheese, Bath Cheese, Baydon Hill Cheese, Berkeley Cheese, Berkswell Cheese, Bexhill Cheese, Blacksticks Blue Cheese, Blue Stilton Cheese, Borsetshire Blue Cheese, Brickbat Cheese, Buckingham Cheese, Bullies Cheese, Buxton Blue, Caerphilly Cheese, Cambridge Cheese, Carolina Cheese, Cauliflower Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Cheshire Cheese, Colwick Cheese, Cotherstone Cheese, Cottenham Cheese, Coverdale Cheese, Curworthy Cheese, Derby Cheese, Dorset Blue Cheese, Dorstone Cheese, Double Gloucester Cheese, Dovedale Cheese, Elmhirst Cheese, Ely Milk Cheese, Exmoor Blue, Fog Cheese, Fresh Cheese, Garstang Blue Cheese, Golden Cheese, Groaning Cheese, Harbourne Blue Cheese, Hinton Cheese, Isis Cheese, Lady Albergavere's Cheese, Lancashire Cheese, Leigh Cheese, Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese, Little Urn Cheese, Lymeswold Cheese, Nettle Cheese, Olde Gloster Cheese, Oxford Blue Cheese, Oxfordshire Cheese, Pork Cheese, Potted Cheese, Rachel Cheese, Rammil or Rammel Cheese, Ribblesdale Cheese, Ruayn Cheese, Ruen Cheese, Rush Cheese, Sage Derby Cheese, Shropshire Blue Cheese, Slipcote Cheese, Staffordshire Cheese, Skim Dick, Stichelton Cheese, Suffolk Cheese, Swaledale Cheese, Ticklemore Cheese, Tornegus Cheese, Vulscombe Cheese, Waterloo Cheese, Wensleydale Cheese, Wigmore Cheese, Wiltshire Cheese, Winchester Cheese, York, York Curd or Cambridge York Cheese

Afternoon Tea, All-Purpose Scones, Almond Cheesecakes, Angelot, Apple and Cheese Cake, Apple and Sage Turnovers, Somerset Apple Cake, Shropshire Apple Cake, Apple Cheese, Apple Cheesecake, Apple Cheese Sponge, Apple Pie with Wensleydale, Appraylere, Apricot Cheese, Artichokes with Cheese, Bacon Cakes, Baked Potato, Bath Olivers, Beefsteak Pie with Cheese Crust, Beenleigh Blue, Belvoir Crumpets, Biddenden Cakes, Bishop Auckland Cheese Cakes, Blackburn Cracknels, Blue Vinny or Vinney, Brautins, Bread Cheesecakes, Breadcrumb Apple Cake, Broccoli Cheese, Broughton or Brough-Wham, Buckinghamshire Rabbit Pie, Bullace, Bullies Cheese, Buxton Blue, Cabbage Pie, Christmas Pepper Cake, Carrot Bake, Carrot Cake, Cauliflower Cheese, Celery and Cream Cheese Soup, Celery and Potato Stew, Celery and Stilton Soup, Celery Cheese, Charminster Curd Tart, Gloucester Cheese and Ale, Cheese and Apple Cake, Cheese and Onion Bread, Cheese and Onion Oat, Cheese and Onion Oat Flan, Cheese and Onion Pasties, Cheese and Onion Pie, Cheese and Onion Pudding, Cheese and Onion Soup, Cheese and Onion Tart, Cheese and Potato Pie, Cheese and Walnut Loaf, Cheese Cake or Curd Tart, Cheese Gypsy Bread, Cheese on Toast, Cheese Pudding, Cheese Scones, Cheese Straws, Cheshire Lamb Crumble, Cheshire Onion Pie, Cheshire Soup, Churdle, Chutney, Clabber or Clauber, Clapbread or Havercake, Coddled Eggs, Collier's Pie, Cookies, Cornish Blue, Cornish Pasty, Cotswold Dumplings, Crab Salad, Creamed Broccoli Soup, Cumberland Pie, Curd Loaf, Curd Tart, Dairylea, Damask Cream, Damson, Damson Cheese, Derby Sage Parsnips, Derbyshire Stuffed Onions, Devon Blue, Devon Cheesecake, Devonshire Scallops, Dorchester Scone Ring, Dorset Apple Cake, Dorset Crab Tart, Duchess Soup, Egg and Cheese Pie, Entrayle, Essex Hotpot, Fish Cobbler, Flaumpens, Foots, Lancashire Fruit Braid, Fruit Fool, Gardener's Pie, Gloucester Rabbit, Gloucester Cheese Stew, Groaning Cheese, Hampshire Goose, Hawkshead Whigs, Kentish Cheese Pasties, Lady Monmouth's Cheese Cake, Lakeland Lemon Cake, Lancashire Nuts, Leek and Cabbage Soup, Leek Pudding, Leeks in Cheese Sauce, Lemon Cheesecake, Lemon Curd, Lemon Tarts, Lent Tart or Kentish Pudding Pie, Lincolnshire Plum Bread, Little Derby, London Cheesecake, Lord Nelson Veal, Loseyns, Macaroni, Macaroni Cheese, Macrows or Maccherone, Maids of Honour, Marrow Butter (Vegetable), Medlar, Medlar Cheese, Mereworth Biscuits, Midland Potato Pie, Milkmeat, Miner's Soup, Mock Crab or Lobster, Mock Goose, Mousecatcher Biscuits, Mrs Leed's Cheese Cakes, Mushroom Rolls, Nettle Cheese, Nettles, Norbury Blue, Norfolk Fish Supper, Northamptonshire Cheesecake, Oat Cakes, Oatcakes - Derbyshire, Oatcakes - Staffordshire, Omelette, Omelette Arnold Bennett, Padiham Pie, Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday, Pan Haggerty or Panhaggerty, Paradise Loaf, Ploughman's Lunch, Pork Cheese, Porlock Bay Bake, Potato and Onion Soup, Potato Bake, Potato Cheese, Potato Cheesecake, Potted Cheese, Priddy Oggie, Pudding Pie, Puffs, Rarebit (or Rabbit), Ripon Spice Cake, Roast Potatoes, Roman Pie, Rusks, Rutland Cheese Custard, Sambocade, Sandwich, Savoury Herbs, Savoury Toast, Scones, Shropshire Biscuits, Shropshire Blue and Watercress Flan, Shropshire Cakes, Single Gloucester, Smoked Fish Pie, Spiced Curd Tarts, Spinach with Cheese and Eggs, St George's Chicken Parcels, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Stilton and Celery Soup, Stilton Mash, Stilton Pears, Stilton Soup, Stilton Steak, Stinking Bishop, Lincolnshire Stovies, Stuffed Marrow, Stuffed Mushrooms, Suffolk Stew, Swede and Apple Bake, Tansy, or Tansy Pudding, Taunton Toast, Toast, Toasted Cheese Sandwiches, Tripe and Onions, Watercress Flan, Wedding Cake, Wensleydale Tarts, Whet, White Foam Soup, Whitley Goose, Wilfra Cakes, Wiltshire Pork Pie, Yarmouth Straws, Yeast Cake, York Biscuits, Yorkshire Apple Cake, Yorkshire Buck or Rarebit, Yorkshire Curd Tart or Cheesecake,

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