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Cabinet or Chancellor's Pudding

Puddings and Sweet Deserts

A sweet pudding made by embedding broken pieces of cake, pudding or bread in custard (or an ice confection for a less-common chilled version), usually in a mould faced with decorative fruit pieces such as cherries.

Original Receipt from 'The Cook's Oracle' by William Kitchiner

Newcastle, or Cabinet Pudding.
Butter a half melon mould, or quart basin, and stick all round with dried cherries, or fine raisins, and fill up with bread and butter ... and steam it an hour and a half.

Original Receipt from 'Modern Cookery for Private Families' by Eliza Acton (Acton 1845);

Split and stone three dozens of fine jar raisins, or take an equal number of dried cherries, and place either of them regularly in a sort of pattern, in a thickly -buttered plain quart mould or basin; next, slice and lay into it three penny sponge-cakes; add to these two ounces of ratifias, four macaroons, an ounce and a half of candied citron sliced thin, the yolks of four eggs with the whites of three only, thoroughly whisked, mixed with half a pint of new milk, then strained to half a pint of sweet cream, and sweetened with two ounces and a half of pounded sugar: these ought to fill the mould exactly. Steam the pudding, or boil it very gently for one hour; let it stand for a few minutes before it is dished, that it may not break; and serve it with good wine or brandy sauce.

Original Receipt from 'The Practical Cook, English and Foreign' by Joseph Bregion and Anne Miller (Bregion & Miller 1847)

Sauce for Cabinet Pudding. - Take a large glass of brandy, a glass of sherry, a little sugar, a little nutmeg grated, a quarter of a pound of butter and a little flour, boil it, and pour it over the pudding.

Newcastle Pudding

PM Campbell-Bannerman's mix of policies parodied as 'Cabinet Pudding' - c1906
Image: http://digital.library.lse.ac.uk

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